Lily offered me a chair.

Your card saved my life last night.

I got lost on the way to my car.  I walked around for 45 minutes.  I saw a signal up ahead.  A fire, 3 people sitting around.  It was 10:40pm.  I walked past.  I thought about calling the police.  I was tired of walking.

I turned around, slowed down and stopped in front of Lilly, David and Lynette.  Quiet ensued.  "I'm Lost."  I declared.

I was nervous.  They might think I'm a crazy-eyed killer.  I saw them reaching for their revolvers.  I thought fast.

"I just met Jerry Peloquin!  He co-founded Jefferson Airplane!"  I whipped out your card.

It worked.

"Jerry Peloquin was in Jefferson Airplane?!"


"Where'd you meet him?!"

"Don Juan's."

"Jerry Peloquin was playing at Don Juan's.?!"


"He was just here playing at our party the other night!  With Joe Seigel and that other guy!  That's amazing!"

I was relieved.  I was in.  I relaxed.  Lilly offered me a chair.