Elephants have a temper.

Yesterday, riding with papa and Professor Eissner from Stuttgart, on the way to the train station, papa says, "Where is LORD Ganesha?" as we exited the beltway and motored up to the surface roads.

"Drinking tea in San Francisco." We reached the stop light.

"Elephants have a temper," I said.

"Yes, they do," papa said and Professor Eissner from Stuttgart agreed, "yah yah."

When he was small, papa said, his parents used to tell him a story of an elephant who used to visit a tailor everyday. He would put his trunk in the tailor's window, and the tailor would give him some fruit and other food. Then, the elephant would go to the river.

One day, the tailor was in a bad mood, so instead of food, he gave the elephant a prick with a pin when the trunk was in his window.

Elephant, naturally, was not happy. He went to the river, filled his trunk with water, and emptied it in the tailor's shop. All the tailor's things were ruined.

"What is the moral of the story?" I asked as we drove north on Kenilworth Avenue. "Keep doing what you're doing?"

"REVENGE." Professor Eissner admonished in his deep baritone. Acting upon bad thoughts.