Capybaras Galore

Slipping through a dirty brook, a capybara uttered sounds which, when transposed using Morse Code, said "Table percale."  Soon after, interested persons from all over the tri-state area began to document the words of capybaras.  "With lingo wine" was repeated too often to be considered mere happenstance.  When a bearded gentleman interpreted one creature to say "Fuck wainscot allegedly," the citizens committee was not pleased.  Uproar ensued.  A multi-million dollar campaign for string chese, (in which a capybara's transposed utterances said "Milton's String Yummy Cheese Good!" and was to use print ads featuring capybaras sitting around tables eating string cheese and smiling) was abandoned.  A task committee was set up to determine the best method of eradicating the offensive rodent.  A capybara predator, the Zebra, was imported from Cayce (pronounced KAYsee).  The Zebra would walk around the forests.  When the Zebra encountered a capybara, the Zebra would eat it.